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Payment and Insurance Information

Choose Quality & Affordability at Baby Debut

For pregnancy care, we accept Medicaid and most insurance plans. We also offer payment plans when you are not covered by health insurance or Medicaid. At Baby Debut, our staff is available to assist you in determining what your insurance coverage is, and to help you make arrangements to pay any balance by the 28th week of pregnancy. Please pay co-payments and deductible amounts at the time of your visit.

Except for Medicaid, most insurance companies pay a "global" fee for prenatal care and delivery; in other words, they pay one fee for a certain number of prenatal visits, and the delivery and postpartum care up to six weeks after delivery. Our present pregnancy care fee includes your complete history and physical exam; all regularly scheduled visits with routine urinalysis at each visit; your labor and delivery; and two postpartum exams.

Please note that additional lab work and sonograms will be billed separately to your insurance. Office visits not related to pregnancy are not included in the "global" obstetrics fee and will be billed separately to your insurance. If you should leave our care before delivery, we will file for charges for the office visits, laboratory testing or any other services that were performed under our care.

For your convenience, Baby Debut accepts cash, Medicaid and other forms of insurance to handle your pregnancy care, delivery and follow-up visits.